Savannah Serenaders
Giancarlo Mariani, tpt - Mario Mariotti, tpt - Mauro Sanna, trombone
Roberto Meroni, leader, alto & soprano sax, clarinet
Ezio Rizzi, baritone & alto sax, clarinet - Silvano Primon, tenor sax & clarinet
Nino Frasio, tenor & plectrum banjo, guitar, vocal
Gabriella Fossati, piano - Fabio Prina, tuba - Marcello Colò, drums
Vocal Trio:
Andrea Sirna, Maddalena Antona, Giulia Leni

The Savannah Serenaders have been founded in 1986 by Roberto Meroni with the aim to enliven the warhorses of the earlier big bands of the Classic Jazz era.
The intriguing music of the outfits fronted by King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Jean Goldkette and Bennie Moten, along with the McKinney's Cotton Pickers, has then supplied the Savannah Serenaders with their catchy repertoire.
Roberto Meroni, himself a professional musician, director and arranger, transcribed carefully the original scores through hours of critical listening of the original recordings and then led his musicians into the fascinating job of recreating both the sound and the spirit of those masterpieces.
His passionate and yet patient work turned out into really living scores, not mere carbon copies, of the great classics such as, for instance, Sugar Foot Stomp, Wa Wa Wa, Sidewalk Blues, The Chant or I've Found A New Baby.
During these twenty years, the roster of the Savannah Serenaders always included skilled musicians with that special attitude to Classic Jazz, a must to play with the right spirit, mood and drive just like if eight decades were not dividing them from those unforgettable jazzmen.
Among the first and the best bands in Europe that choose to present a philological repertoire, the Savannah Serenaders played countless concerts for every kind of public and, of course, have participated also to many Jazz festivals such as Ascona (CH), Avigliana (I), St. Raphael (F), Miasino (I), Legnano (I).

On YouTube several live video clips are available.

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